I ran at lunchtime today as I had a full day and was determined to get a run in. It also ensured I took a breather from such a hectic schedule. 

The weather was cooler than usual but it was nowhere near as crowded as it has been. That said I did get stuck behind some German tourists by the Sphinx on the Embankment as the pavement narrows due to the new cycleway they’re building.  It was a set back but not a big one. 

Once again I decided to leave my iPhone locked in my locker and head out with only my watch and my Polaroid Cube camera.  I have not used the camera for a while and charged it last night… 

Sadly it did not take me long into my run to work out it was not behaving and I thought the battery was flat. Unfortunately when I got back to my desk my work Mac would not recognise the camera 😞. Hopefully my home Mac will otherwise this means either El Capitan does not work with it (although I tested it on a PC and that failed too), or it’s bust 😞. I hope not as that was a Christmas present last year from my baby!

This ultimately means even if I did manage to capture anything on the camera I cannot extract it for use on the blog 😞. Boo!

Anyway. I aimed to run a quick 3k and get back to work.  On hitting 3k the thought of work took a back seat and I decided to focus on my running and continued until 4.1k. 

It was a little sore and my old shoes are definitely wearing down but it was ok otherwise. 

It certainly reenergised me for the rest of the day.  

Check out the details on Strava

Note the main sunrise photo was taken from my office at 7:30 this morning whilst I was setting up for filming 😉 (yes I do realise how lucky I am to work in such a great location).


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