Running off the NYC excess

First run back from NYC and I have a new 1.3 kg to sort out – I am sure I will run this off fairly quickly but it will take a while based on today’s efforts.

I started the run with a sore back and was going to stop at 1KM but continued – my legs however were very heavy and tired and my back still ached so I did the sensible thing and stopped at 2KM.

IMG_0407Not my longest or my fastest run but at least I have gotten some air in my lungs (cold foggy air), and have reenergised myself following the flight.

I usually find the jet lag from NYC particularly bad but we got an upgrade so were very comfortable on our flight back plus there was only 4 hours time difference as the UK had just moved to GMT and NYC was yet to change the clocks.

It was good to get out and I am sure there is more than enough energy (!) stored up from all the bagels, pancakes, waffles, syrup and bacon I consumed in NYC (we did walk a lot so I am sure I have burnt off a lot of calories whilst there!).

I did treat myself to an Apple Watch whilst in NYC but have not used it to track my running as I am currently having problems with the Health app on my Mac, iPad, iPhone and Watch!  To be honest I did not buy it to replace my TomTom as I think that is the best running watch and I will therefore continue to use that to track my runs.

Best of luck to everyone running the New York Marathon today – I saw some of the route whilst walking Central Park.  I am very jealous and wish we were in NYC to at least watch the racers.  Good luck everyone!

Check out my post NYC efforts on Strava!

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