Lunchtime run

Squeezing in a run has been difficult and my work flow seems to be getting heavier so I was determined to manage a run today.  

I managed to schedule 45 minutes from my day and headed out around 1130.  

It was armistice day today so I was mindful that there would be large crowds at Westminster and the surrounding area so I headed down the Embankment and turned back at 1k. 

It was quite moving to see all the flowers and wreathes on the city monument to world world one. 

I past this twice and headed to the Millennium Bridge and then back to the office.  Today was windier and cooler than anticipated but I had foresight to pack my long sleeve top. 

My chest did feel a little tight so I decided not to push my luck and stopped at 3k.  This was ideal as I managed to stretch at my usual spot on Blackfriars bridge, showered and back to my desk in the 45 minutes I had allowed.  

It was rather poignant passing the wreathes today and I did think about what was sacrificed to allow me the freedom to do simple things like running along the Thames!

I didn’t take my phone etc so this photo is not my own but it is from the press today and I think it captures the moment. 

At least that’s one run done this week.  I shall plan to do the same on Friday. 

Check out the route on Strava

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