Running with Gale in The City

…gale force winds!

I didn’t realise just how windy it was in London when I left the office.  The Thames was so choppy it resembled a rough sea. 

I ran really well today. I thought I pushed myself too hard as I had very little time to run and simply wanted to get my miles in and head back for my meetings. 

In the last kilometre I found a burst of energy and really pushed myself along the Embankment. 

 I very nearly lost my cap a couple times on the run and I amended my route to try and avoid much of the full on gusts of wind. 

An exhilarating run though and one that really blew away the cobwebs. 

One of the guys in the office changing rooms mentioned I was smelling full of fresh air.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m lucky I didn’t run with him as there was a horrendous storm when I got back which would have meant running into/against driving winds and rain – not pleasant. 

Check out today’s unorthodox route on Strava

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