Man Machine?

Well it certainly did not feel like I was one today.  I actually felt that I was running like a robot!

Ok so this is my first run out in a while and a short one as we have just returned from Germany and the Kraftwerk concert.

The weather has taken a real turn here and winter is definitely upon us.   I wrapped up warm for this run but was still chesty and my feet hurt.

As you can see (just), I wore my running leggings, shorts, long sleeve top and compression top (which you cannot see).  I was warm but not enough.  I think I need to dig out my jacket.

I know I need to take photos when my glasses have de-misted as this photo is terribly out of focus!

I have completed a lot of walking this weekend but I am not sure if this was the issue.  The sides of my feet were sore when I stopped which leads me to think I may have tied my shoes too tightly.

Anyway regardless of how well or how far I ran today, I ran and that is all that matters.

I am sure I will acclimatise to the weather soon enough (and then it will probably change again!).

I have to say a special hello or Guten tag to Nachthawk who is a regular follower of this site.  I hadn’t considered that whilst visiting Essen we would be close to where he lived.  Shame really as we could have met up (and maybe even have gone for a run – although I packed light!).  Maybe next time!

Check out the stats on Strava.

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