A Quick Burst*

Definitely a quick burst, of energy, heat and movement!

I went for the loop round the block which I am now christening my winter loop!

I did remember on the walk back that I have my Buff and some gloves which I think I may need if the runs continue like this.

Mainly this is due to my chest feeling quite hot – I cold feel the cold air enter my throat and hit the heat in the back of my throat which made me cough up a bit of crap en route.  I know my mock top and my Buff help with this some this is fair reminder that I need to dig them out from the back of my running drawer.

I took my Apple Watch out for the first run today.  Simply as I wanted to see how it worked.  I also ran with my TomTom for a comparison.  If I have one criticism of the Apple Watch it’s that it really is hard to find the stats for the run – took me a couple of attempts to find it.

I have a gold star – I am such a good boy!

The Activity gave me a gold star for my first run but I did managed to find the info buried.

According to the Apple Watch I ran 2.17 KM, Av Pace of 7.05 and my heart rate was 163BPM.

According to Strava (Tom Tom) I ran 2 KM, Av Pace 7.13 and my heart rate was 156BPM.

So there is a bit of drift there and I will forgive the Apple Watch the distance as I started it sooner than the Tom Tom although I did not move anywhere until I had both watches working.

The pace was similar and the heart rate was similar but neither gave the same stats.  I may run another route or two just to do some more comparisons…  Interesting…

The Apple Watch did seem to perform well although I notice that even when I thought it was tight on my wrist it was moving under my running top once I started to sweat.

Of course it has to be calibrated over several runs or with 20 minutes exercise so we shall see how I get on but to be honest I don’t think I will be wearing two watches to go running anytime again soon.

I hadn’t tried it before now as there is a glitch in the iOS system and some people’s Health apps which means my iPhone has not been tracking any activity since I got my Watch when we were in New York.  The only possible solution is to wipe the phone and all your apps and start again.  I’ve put this off for ages but finally found the time and it’s all working now – in fact some other apps are working better too.

As you can tell from the photo’s, the neighbours are still trying to out do one another with the tacky Christmas decorations (although no one can touch my sister-in-law for tacky Christmas lights!).

IMG_0024.pngIt was wet and windy again today and they did not help my breathing.  Things were a little slippery under foot too so I was extra careful today.

My legs did not feel too bad and apart from a slight niggle in my right foot (I am sure it’s all down to how I tie my shoes) things were OK.

Things generally felt much better than my last run – I simply need to persevere.

At least I have gotten a run in today and am feeling much more alert because of it 🙂

The normal, everyday stats that anyone can follow are available on Strava!

*This is not my house!

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