Well that was a challenging run!

Again I have had a break from running – which was partly unintentional and partly intentional!  I have had a week of crazy hours again and I have also had some pain in my joints so I decided to be sensible and wait for it to sort itself out.

Hmm far too much tech – call me rob runner!

I decided that I would go out today as I was feeling better, I was working from home and it was dry and sunny.

I also decided I would use my Moov coach to motivate and guide me.

I think this was a mistake as I have been struggling enough without adding in extra pressure.

Apart from the coach and the headphones I also ran again with my Apple Watch and my Tom Tom which simply meant I was running with far too much kit!

I thought the coach would ease me into my runs and allow me to focus on that but the cold air and the effect on my breathing soon put paid to that.  As did the soreness of my calves and the half mock top which I wore cause I thought it would help me breath better.  All it did was made me feel suffocated and constricted!

The coach did a great job of trying to get me to up my cadence.  The will was there but my body was having none of it.  The coach also decided I could run at my previous pace (I have not used the coach for months).  Anyway I am not sure I could stretch as it wanted me to and ended up having to manually lower the level and even then it was hard work.

I decided to run in my old Nikes and I think that may have helped as I am sure the new ones are causing some of the pain in my feet and ankles 😔  Looks like I may be trying to get a new pair in the sales.

I am happy I have been for a run.  I don’t feel too sore but I know that I was probably expecting too much from this run.

I need to allow myself time to adjust to the weather – even though it is only just starting to get cold.  I also need to break myself back into the rhythm of running again as it’s been a couple of weeks now since I enjoyed a decent run.

Never mind I have done it for today and this is probably my final race until after Christmas!

The stats are available on Strava.

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