Not the best run to end the year

IMG_0359But at least it was a run and I managed to get another in before the end of 2015.

My runs at the latter part of the year have not been as good as those at the beginning of the year.

I ran in my old Flyknits today and wanted to run a 3K steady.

I didn’t make it – my calves and shins had other ideas and I ended up running a stop start run of just over 2K. ūüė¶

To be fair I have not run for over a week and have had the excesses of Christmas plus being very inactive during the festive period as we spent a lot of time in the car and going from house to house.

I am planning to visit the local running store to get a new gait analysis this weekend as I am sure it has something to do with my shoes.  I have not been in such pain in my legs since I started running (in crappy cheap gym shoes).

I had a decent stretch session on my Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller today and stretched out my thighs.  It was rally painful in spots so I think this (possibly my ITB) has something to do with the pain too.

I shall persevere but take it easy РI am home now until the 5th so I have time to get in a couple of runs before then Рno matter how hard or how short the runs are, I think a gradual build up is needed to get me back on form.

It’s been an interesting running year, a few¬†races and I have enjoyed getting out there, finding new routes and generally staying fit.

Thanks to you all for the support, the comments, the encouragement, the hints and tips and the sense of community and spirit. See you all in 2016!

Check out todays stats on Strava.


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