Apart from running, cats, my baby, history and hunky men (!), I have other interested and one of these is photography.

Like many people I like to take snaps and try my best to take photographs but don’t aways hit the mark.

To challenge myself I have decided to take up the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

There are loads of these things around but this one makes you work a little harder as each week is themed as either as a portrait, landscape or artistic impression.

As it’s the most used camera on Flickr I have decided to complete this challenge with my iPhone 6S and already I have used some functionality I would not have used before…

I intend to use the basic camera as much as possible but will use some apps (such as VSCO) when I feel it’s appropriate.   I also have my Moment Wide Angle Lens kit so that may come in very useful.

Anyway I intend to keep this up (sets weekly reminder!) and will share my efforts here and on Flickr.

This weeks challenge was to start things off right with a “selfie”.  Not the traditional selfie but one where I explore the self timer settings on my camera.

I’ve never used the self timer on the iPhone before and was interested to see it takes bursts of photos so you have a best option in case you blink or aren’t quite ready (clever!).

#dogwood52 #dogwoodweek1

I have kept it simple today and the first photo is of me at home writing this blog entry.

Why not drop by the Dogwood Photography site and take part (you can start at any time).

You can also browse the Dogwood group on Flickr.


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