Resting at present

Following the problem I had with my run on New Year’s Eve with my ITB, I have not been for a run since.

I wanted to have a  gait analysis completed this week to check my form and find some new shoes but I have decided that is probably not a good idea.

I am back at work this week and more active than I was at Christmas however I am still finding I have a bit of a twinge in my ITB and my inner thigh on my right leg so have decided to halt running until this is gone.

I am sure I could run a short distance but to be honest I have sprinted for a few buses this week and have felt it afterwards.

I am diligently using my Foam Roller to press out the pain and the niggles and have done this twice a day since being back at work.

It appears to be paying off as some of the rolling has been very painful, yet things seem to be calming down.

If I place my leg under my buttock (sat on the sofa) or bend my legs back for too long when sat I feel it so I am trying to ensure I don’t do this as it is aggravating the issue.

I have managed several walks this week and I do have a fairly big commute compared to most so I am getting around OK.

Running will simply have to take a bit of a pause until I am comfortable that I won’t do any more damage.

I am sure I will be lacing up my trainers again in no time.


  1. Love the picture of Tilly. Hope you get better soon, no point in forcing the running until you 100% ready. Take care. Ivan.

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