#dogwoodweek4 (or should that be catwood?)

Shoot a “selfie” of someone else.

This is the challenge for week 4 so I opted to take a selfie of Tilly.
I was trying to get an angelic photo but instead I ended up with the rather fun candid pose.

I’m not she’d 100% agree with this photo but I like it! 😃

#dogwoodweek4 #dogwood52 "Shoot a "selfie" of someone else"

At least this is a bit of fun at the end of what has been a very hard week.  Three days of intensive study and an exam were enough to set the week up as tough but throw in everything else such as work etc and I am happy it’s the weekend!

I need to get better to get back running so I can destress and run off the work shit!

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