When did offering someone a piece of your birthday cake become a chore?

For my birthday the team signed a card for me and marked the occassion with a chocolate cake.

Now I remember a time when I was offered a piece of cake (for me this is still now) and I either politely accept or decline.  But this sadly is not the case these days.

There are so many fads and diets now that you do not simply receive a polite yes or no anymore – people feel compelled to share their every dietry detail with you.

Here are some of the examples I encoutered on Monday when I offered up slices of my cake:

I doubt it’s gluten free is it?

I couldn’t possibly have any more than a nano crumb cause of my diet/constititution

Oh it’s chocolate so probably dairy so I shouldn’t

I’ve been so good not drinking during dry  January that I shouldn’t spoil it with cake!

I’d have to do another round of sit ups at the gym or go for a longer run to have a piece so I won’t

Some excuses I almost understand but others are just madness. Don’t you exercise to burn off what you eat? Don’t you run so that you can enjoy the odd treat?

I have a food allergy – a life threatening one but I always keep that to myself unless I am ordering a savoury meal in a new restaurant.  If I am not sure about a meal I would simply  say no thank you.

What is wrong with people?

All this namby pampy middle class over indlugence and choice just winds me up.  Grow up people.  No one cares.  Be grateful you are healthy and have the opportunity to eat pretty much whatever and whenever you like.

And as for dry January – get a life!  If you drink so much you have to stress yourself by not drinking for a whole month (and you find it a challenege) then maybe you need to look at your lifestyle.

Stop being such sadsacks and either enjoy it or politely decline a piece of cake!

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  1. I cannot agree more with you on this whole post. Manners are short in today’s world. Plus what irks me is when people from other departments just come and take the cake, birthday snacks you have brought in for your staff. Oh well, at least you tried. PS really enjoyed your comment about the dry January. Ivan.

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