Running as a release 

I have known that running helps me in more ways than one and now I have not run for a little while this is having an effect.

I have not had the best start to the new year.  I have been very stressed with the study and exam I did (even though I passed).  My work has gotten very stressful and very busy and through all this I have not really been that kind to myself, doubting my abilities and putting myself under pressure.

This has been made worse by getting a chest infection (yes I know this is all connected) but it cannot be helped sometimes. I could think of a much better way to spend my birthday week but sadly it was spent sleeping long hours, sweating heavily and trying to clear my chest 😞

So where does running coming in?  It would normally help me to de-stress, to wind down and to focus on something else. To switch off even for 15 minutes and decompress.  This has not been possible since hurting my ITB, my schedule and being ill.

There are other things I can do (and have tried) but I simply wanted to acknowledge this positive benefit of running regularly.   And if I am honest I simply wanted to get this off my chest!

It’s not all bad as I had a nice birthday (even though I was ill). I received lots of lovely cards and presents from friends and family which was a positive start to my week.

I am not going to run for at least another couple of weeks as I am not feeling 100% still and I am home alone for a couple weeks as Richard is travelling with work.  I don’t think it’s wise to run out here where we live when I am alone as no one will know where I am and honestly I don’t really know that many people etc so I am playing it safe.

I could write so much more in this post but basically I wanted to acknowledge that running does help me and although it may not be the cure for everything that is going on at present, it could help a little.

I am sure I will get back on top of things very soon, I simply need to focus on getting things in order, getting better and making 2016 a much more positive place.


  1. Hi Keith, do you have access to an indoor bike? Maybe at home or at a gym? Cycling can be a good alternative when running’s not advisable. Even just a slow turning of the pedals can get the blood flowing and raise your mood. Anyway, good luck.


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