So great to get the kit back on!

IMG_1050After all that has happened this year, being ill, crap weather, feeling low and even tweaking my back last week, I was determined to get out and at least try a run today.

Richard is back from his travels and has done the same and headed off for a short round of golf so I had no excuses.

The weather is not great (22 mph gales!) but I have not let that get to me.

I decided to open Get Running and start mid way through the coach to 5K training to get me back into the swing of things.

I ran with my Tom Tom but did not look at it at all (I was pleasantly surprised to feel the kilometres buzzing away) and I left my Apple Watch at home.

Today’s run consisted of a 5 minute warm up (which I jogged) followed by three run sections at 5 minutes, punctuated with two walk sections of 3 minutes.  At the end there was a cool down of 5 minutes which I briskly walked.

I remember starting running with this app and it’s great to get you back into the swing of things.  It’s also good that it keeps you motivated but it doesn’t track you – it’s all by time.

Removing the pressure of speed or distance or endurance really helped and I ended up focussing on the running and more importantly, how I was feeling.

There were a couple times during the run sections I was a little sore so I slowed down, I did not walk or stop, I simply kept going.

Even in the really windy sections I was on form as my motivation was to run each timed section and finish the training as planned.

I found my speed to be greater at the end when I was motivated to finish but I always used to run like that.

I ran a different route so as not to be familiar with the distance etc and you know what?  It all paid off.

Yes I am a little sore but I was concerned about putting my trainers on again (especially as I really do need to buy a new pair).  However I needn’t have worried as this approach helped me get to 3.7 K.  I am really pleased with this for my first run out this year!  In fact it’s the first running 52 days as I last ran on New Year’s Eve when I damaged my ITB!

It was nice to switch off, or to focus on others things in the run which I have missed.  I was concentrating on the running and my surroundings but also thinking about the blog post and what I would log today.

My Headspace training is still going well and it has helped me through some difficult times this year.  I decided after my run I would not race to complete m stretches but take my time.  I then showered and spent 15 minutes to complete a meditation session which I think benefited from the run.

I am so pleased to have my trainers back on (and yes I will order some new ones as I have some birthday money to spend) and know that now I have crossed the hurdle of the first run, I will soon get back into the swing of things.

Richard did ask me about any races, which I have yet to plan this year (having already missed the ballot for the Royal Parks Half 😔 ).  He also mentioned Park Run which I do enjoy but again I spent time last night worrying I wouldn’t currently be able to run 5K.

After today I can see that is not far off and you know what it doesn’t matter.  If I walk run it then what’s the problem.  Thinking back to the post about embracing your inner wiring I have come to realise the question How far did you run? is as redundant as What do you want to be when you grow up?  At the end of the day it’s for me to decide, I should not feel any pressure, it’s my mind and I should do this (and I do most of the time), pure because I enjoy it 😃

I am sure friends and followers on Strava will wonder where I have been but at least there is a new run logged today 😃


  1. That’s great that you got back out again, and sounds like it gave you the boost you needed. Keep enjoying it – that’s the most important thing, and you’ll soon be back to where you want to be. 🙂

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