I was ready for todays run and prepared for this session which involved

  • 5 minutes warm up
  • 20 minutes running
  • 5 minutes cool down

However really was a bit different

First shock was that it was colder and windier than I anticipated – I almost went back to get my thicker running top but decided to carry on.

My warm up consisted of jogging, leg stretching etc – however just as I was about to start the run segment my left knee felt a bit odd.

I started the run segment anyway but it just seemed that my knee wasn’t happy (so I slowed down) and it simply felt like I was trying to run through the floor.  I felt flat footed and off my stride.

Get Running told me that it would notify me every five minutes which sounded daunting but I soon got into a rhythm.  I did indeed slow my pace when needed but I didn’t walk nor did I stop for the whole run segment.

I told myself early into the run that 20 minutes was nothing and that I had run 2 and half hour solid in the past!

I really did pull out a lot of determination and will to finish this run today.

Eventually the segments passed and as I ended the 20 minutes I was feeling more comfortable and more flexible.

I walked for a minute in the cool down then decided to run again for the remaining 4 minutes (then I properly cool down).

The end section was the best as I was comfortable and not worried about my progress or my stride.

I am sure a number of things were the factor in all this and we all have off runs so I am not going to read too much into it.

I was pleased to return home following this run!

Given the temperature and the wind etc I am pleased with my progress this far and happy I managed to pull an extra segment out of the bag.  I am sure another week or two off the Get Running segments will help and I will be back to solid 5K’s in no time.

I am looking at the race calendar for 2016 and am considering the Tower of London 10K (although the 11 laps of the moat is slow boring torture), possibly the British 10K in London and Pride 10K again in August.   Watch this space!

Check out all the stats on Strava.


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