Buenas tardes!

Today I:

  • Ditched the Flyknits
  • Went back to my Lunarglide 5’s
  • Ran Intervals

IMG_1344.pngIt still hurt though.

I don’t like the Lunars and I have to wait as my Hoka’s still have not arrived 😔

I ran an easy split of 5 minute running and 2 minute walking and I got further than Friday but it still hurt.  Mainly left ankle and right shin.    I think this was partly to do with the change in shoes though.

I am going to keep this interval set in my Tom Tom and do it for a week to see how things improve.  This just might help me get my resistance back.

I am starting to wonder whether the yoga is helping or hindering my performance 😔

Anyway I got out there, I did better than Friday and I fell good (if not sore) for doing it.

Stats are on Strava.

Oh the blog title?  I passed a Spanish family who live up the road and they have their parents visiting.  The father said “hello” so I felt it only right to respond in Spanish 😃  He smiled.


  1. Glad tye run is getting better. But don’t over push yourself. Loved the blog title. Ivan.


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