Easter Sunday Run

I have plenty of time to runt today, mainly as it’s a long 4 day bank holiday here in the UK.

Richard left early for a golf day so I decided to head out for a rune once I completed some chores (I know rock and roll right!).

Before the run I did the pre run yoga session from Daily Yoga to see if this could help loosen me up.

Yep the legs are back out!

Despite the windy conditions I decided to ditch the running tights and free my legs to the elements.  I was cold at first but very soon I didn’t notice.  Feels like Spring is finally here!

I headed out as it started to cloud over but I was very lucky today as the rain held off until just after I got back into the house (and it checked it down).

Todays run was another set of intervals that went like this:

  • Warm Up – went well, didn’t over do it
  • First interval – awful, mid way though I wanted to throw up.  This is when I first got hit by the gale force winds
  • Rest – Needed to compose myself!
  • Second Interval – ran this really fast, I found great fast rhythm and really seemed to lift my legs, trouble is I probably did too much and was tired out by the end
  • Rest
  • Third interval – found a better pace and despite the pain in my calves and shins it wasn’t too bad
  • Rest – really wanted to end but decided to carry on
  • Fourth interval – Another good pace, somewhere between the pace of interval two and three.  I had to push through to get to the end but I was determined
  • Finished with a walk around the block

I am not understating how windy it was not how much pain I was in during the race.

I did use some of my frustration with Sports Shoes.com as I am still waiting for my new trainers to arrived.  Hopefully they will arrive next week and hopefully things will get better.  I’ve out so much thought into how my current shoes are no good that I really hope the new ones sort out the pain I am currently experiencing.

When I got in I completed the post yoga session which went some way to help stretch out my muscles.  There was quite a lot of clicking in my back and I know I am not as flexible as I could be (nor am I very flexible at all), but I am determined to perceiver with the combination of running and yoga.

Actually here’s a question for you fellow runners…  What exercise do you do to compliment your running?  Leave a comment wit your responses, thanks!

I know working the core helps (hence the yoga) but I am thinking of getting some equipment for the garage and am considering a Cross Trainer or an Exercise Bike – does anyone have any recommendations?

At least with the dual yoga and run session today I have earned my chocolate Easter egg!

I couldn’t quite believe that I ran past a house that had an Easter egg wreath on the door – really?  People really will buy any shit from John Lewis or Asda won’t they!

Check out the Easter stats on Strava.

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