Feeling Stronger

It’s been a lovely sunny weekend and it has started to feel like spring is finally here.

Amongst the chores etc I planned to head out for a run and I did that this morning.  I took the same approach as Friday and simply saw what I could do without pushing to hard.

IMG_1806.pngOnce again I managed a full 2k without the need to stop and was feeling good at the end of that section.

Again it was so nice to get out in shorts and now a t shirt – although I did wear a compression layer just to help my breathing and with some of the aches I have had.

I then ran an intermittent section in the 3rd kilometre of the run and managed to find some gas to put my foot down at the end.

Today I managed to make it to 3.46 km – I pushed myself but not too hard.  Hard enough to work my heart though as my heart rate was elevated.

I feel so much better for this run and am starting to feel that things are turning a corner.

I am wondering if some decent compression socks might help with the problems in my lower legs.  I have some Nike ones but hated them.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Fellow blogger and runner Hacthawk over at The Nighthawk Project suggested we motivate one another by seeing how far we can both running April.

Although I was a bit sceptical at first, I realise it’s not a race or a competition.  Rather a friendly way to motivate one another and you know what?  I think it worked as I was thinking about our little challenge whilst running.

We’ve agreed whomever wins will buy the other one a beer when we are next in Germany or England!

So here is my first tally for April – not bad the 3rd of the month, have to keep it up though!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 13.18.45.png

I had a conversation with Sports Shoes.com yesterday as I still have not received my Hokas.  Finally they have agreed that it is taking too long and they have allowed me to pick the same trainers in a different colour to ensure I get them sooner.  All being well I should finally have my new trainers this week (I have been waiting nearly two months).

So that’s me for today, run done, house clean, about to cook lunch and then off to see Batman vs Superman!  Have a great weekend.

I saw a promotion for the Colchester Colour 5K in June and am thinking of running it.  Sadly none of my running friends want to join me but I think it might be a giggle and may give me some motivation to get my speed and distance back up to where I want it.

The stats from todays’ run are on Strava.


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