Short burst to end the week

The end of a hectic week was marked with a short 3K burst around the block.

Today I managed to find a good rhythm and my stride.  It was cold and fresh out but that didn’t seem to matter and my legs/shins weren’t that hard today either.

IMG_1901.pngI knew I was tired before I put on my trainers but am happy with todays run.

A nice continuous circuit around the block to end the week.

Next week my Hoka’s should finally be with me.

I am not ordering shoes from Sports Shoes any more. This is my experience so far…

  1. Shoes ordered in February (released beginning of March)
  2. All through March no updates – had to chase.
  3. Mid March they take 1p off my PayPal account to keep the order open but don’t give me any update
  4. I complained again last weekend and finally was offered alternatives there and then
  5. Monday that changed and they had to take the money again (!)
  6. By Wednesday I had heard nothing and the order online had not been updatedso had to chase again – threatening to cancel the order.
  7. Yesterday they gave me the option to change the shoes again and confirmed swiftly that they are in stock and on their way
  8. Today they have been dispatched but I do not know where to!
  9. The web site has not been updated though and nothing has come off my account so we shall see…
  10. Fingers crossed Monday or Tuesday they arrive where they should (or arrive at all).

I doubt I will be able to wear them though as I will be off site for a couple of days at Facebook!

Have a good weekend and check out the run stats here.

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