Sunday Run day

Thankfully today was much sunnier and drier than yesterday.

I did the usual Sunday chores, said goodbye to our nephew who has been staying a couple days and then headed off for my run.

IMG_1920I’m not sure if I went out too strong or whether I was tired but this was more of a challenge than Friday and I had to stop for a quick walk break once (and once to respond to a text!).

This made me determined to run on a bit more to cover the distance lost with the slow sections which meant I got an extra half a kilometre on today.

I am not over doing it but I am still gaining which is good.

I have a manic week this week and will be staying in London a few days so will have no time to run until the weekend (nor the energy probably!).

I can legitimately blame lack of running time this week on Mark Zuckerberg!

With regards to the April Run Challenge I am now at a total of 13.2 km – I am sure Night Hawk will be doing much better than me but at least I am out there!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.46.19.png

Check out the run stats from Strava.


  1. hello fellow runner 😊 damn right you have been out there nd that is all that matters… soon you’ll be back into the swing of things, so keep it up! still – looks like the beer is mine 😊


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