A busy week spent at Mark Zuckerberg’s London office!

Facebook HQ in London

Well I was in his manor for most of this week as we had a colloborative event with Facebook this week which my team produced and ran.

I did not get to meet Mr Z but we did manage a mild coup in that Mark kindly recorded an opening video for the broadcasts which was a big surprise to the global community of 7,000 people 🙂

This was my last such event with my team and it felt rather emotional to be on this journey and to end it at Facebook HQ in London.  I sometimes have to pinch myself as to how I get into these situations.

It’s been a very tiring week this week and one that obvioulsy means I have completed no running whatsoever.

I do have my new Hoka’s though – but the experience from Sports Shoes.com just got even more bizzare.  At least I have them and hope to try them out this weekend.

I have some work to do at the weekend and Richard and I plan to get and do some non work things too to switch off so I am not 100% sure there will be time to run, but I am going to try.

It’s certainly been a week I won’t forget!

Me showing off our co sponsored Mark Zuckerberg inspired t shirts 🙂
The broadcast in full swing


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