Sprinting around like a mad man!

IMG_2081I managed to find some time to go for a run and to try out my new Hoka One One Clifton 2’s!

I am not sure whether it was my want to simply complete today’s run for the extra spring in my step… whatever it was I hit the ground running today.

The extra cushioning in my shoes and the renewed grip really did help me to get good traction and to lift my feet.  I immediately felt much stronger from the beginning.

I did overdo it somewhat and slowed around the 1st km as my legs were sore but I was in nowhere near as much pain as I was when I was running in my old Flyknits or the Lunarglides that have been giving me so much trouble.

It was much colder than I anticipated but I seemed to have more drive and want to run today which got me through the targets I had set for myself.

The Hoka’s are incredibly light and flexible and I found myself twisting and turning on corners with ease today.  Of course I did not over do it as I have only run the once this week but I did enjoy the run in the sun.

Nice to see some shadows – summer is on its way

I pushed myself more than I had planned or realised and was soon in the top section of my heart rate threshold.  I could really feel this when I got back.

I need to get used to the new shoes and the extra stability they give but I am sure I will get there.

I did compete some stretching/yoga in the garden after the run but found it hard to balance as I had worked my legs quite a bit during the run.

There were lots of runners out today of all ages, shapes and sizes and this was great to see.

It’s not been a completely relaxing weekend as I am still working post the Facebook event. Next week is just as busy but I am determined to try and get in even the shortest of runs next week.

I really want to break in my new shoes before we head off to Spain the week after.

After all the fuss with Sport Shoes.com, I am very pleased with my Hoka’s but in future I will buy them from someone else.

Question: I am considering only taking my Apple Watch to Spain with me… How do I get the run data from the Apple watch to services such as Strava etc?  Anyone know?

Check out the stats on Strava.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.25.33.png
Loving all the consistent green sections

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