Away from Le Grind

A fairly busy day at home in what has turned out to be a cold day.  We had some lovely spring days this last week but today it’s cold.  Typically by the time I got out for a run it was also wet 😔

IMG_2186I ran with my Apple Watch today instead of my Tom Tom as we are in Spain next week and I wanted to see how it logged the runs.  I used the Strava app and it seemed to do a good job.

I have decided to only take my Apple Watch on holiday with me as it saves taking extra kit and chargers.

Always my mind wasn’t really on the run but I do bizarrely enjoy running in drizzle.

I have been rather knocked back by Prince passing away yesterday and have been but in the doldrums today.  I have been catching up on all the content which now seems to be freely passing around the net since his passing.  That and a continuous playlist of tracks have lifted my spirits and upset me in equal measure.

The run was a great antidote and took my mind off everything, Prince, the weather and even work.

I did enjoy the run but only managed to run to 2.5K.  I am  hoping the warm weather in Spain and the sea views will get me back into my stride.

The Hokas are doing a great job of supporting me and giving me much needed traction  I am certainly feeling much better and have less aches and pains during and after the runs now.

Anyway we are away from Le Grind for a week – I am sure there will be some updates from the Med.  Watch this space!

As mentioned the run details are logged on Strava.


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