He’s gone

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  • Christopher Tracey
  • The Kidd
  • Jamie Starr
  • The Skinny MF with the High Voice
  • Cloreen Baconskin
  • O(+>
  • Prince Rogers Nelson
  • Prince

Call him what you want. Pick your favourite era, your favourite album, film or song. He’s gone. He’s left a massive hole in the world and in my heart.

Like many many others I am shocked and saddened to hear of Prince sudden passing.

Being found slumped in an elevator is an undignified way to go but it feels like an excerpt from Lets Go Crazy.

I was very fortunate and grateful to see him in concerts many many times. Richard and I attended an intimate gig when we first met and Prince played songs that night he has never played since.

 Waiting for one of the 21 Nights concerts to start in London
Waiting for one of the 21 Nights concerts to start in London

I’ve managed to get to after parties and seen the sun come up with the Purple One. I’ve waited with Vanessa hours for him to turn up only to be disappointed when someone took and photo and Prince left the stage 15 minutes later.

At one such party Rafi and I were in the bar and were graced by his company, of course he was accompanied by Chaka Khan and Larry Graham.

I want to share my favourite Prince songs but I cannot add a link to them as you cannot access them apart from on Tidal and this makes me sad.  All other Artists rocketed to the top of the charts but due to Princes views on steaming you won’t be able to do this via Spotify or Apple Music. Maybes that’s what he wanted.  I wonder (and hope) his record labels see sense and open up his catalogue – not to make money but to share with the world.

Never before has the passing of an artist felt like a death in the family but this does.

I’m working at home today and I guarantee Prince will be on loop today.  And maybe tomorrow.

Actually I don’t know where to start with favourite songs or albums or genres. My all time favourite song is Sometimes it Snows in April, which made me cry yesterday. My favourite single is Raspberry Beret which had the same affect.

I can’t believe he’s gone. But I’m grateful for what we had and what he shared with the world.

Sleep tight beautiful one.


  1. I didn’t listen to much today. I made it through the first half of For You, and that was it, until late tonight. MTV, MTV2, VH1, and Centric (as well as BET probably) played huge blocks of videos, some very rare and a few I’d never seen before at all. Coupled with it being the fourth anniversary of the death of my mum, and it was a very, very emotional day. I almost dread going to sleep, because I know he’s going to invade my dreams.

    My mother hated Prince with a passion. My brother and I didn’t, of course. We giggled today. We both had the thought of “imagine mom’s surprise when Prince showed up this morning”.


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