Lungs full of sea air

It felt so much better to be running in the warm with clean sea air. 

I hear we’ve missed snow and wintry conditions whilst being in Spain so I’m grateful we came away when we did.  

This was my first opportunity to run so I got out of bed, put on my kit and headed out.  

I was a little sore and a little enthusiastic at the beginning but I controlled my tempo and found my stride.  

Sadly I cannot currently run the full length of the promenade as they are finally building sea defences at the top of the beach.  

The Apple Watch and Strava app did a good job at tracking the route (and playing music to my Bluetooth headphones) but the interface is quite slow.  Still it did the job sufficiently.  

I cannot complain though as I ran a consistent 4.2 k which is the best I have achieved in a long while.  

I plan to hit la playa again tomorrow.  Wish me luck. 

All the sunny Spanish stats are on Strava

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