London to Spain via Paisley Park

During my flights to Malaga and back again I admitted myself back into the live world of Prince.

On the way out I transported myself back to 1988 and a tour I am more than familiar with, Lovesexy. I have heard this tour so many times I know it word for word.  The emotion. The range. The fun. It’s infectious and it made me sad for what the world has lost but happy that I was lucky enough to experience live and in the flesh (several times).

The Lovesexy tour is a great capsule of Princes then collection of music starting with the dark brooding Black Album to crossing the line at the end of Lovesexy and +itivity.

There was a lot of sex. A shed load of emotion and a sprinkling of spirituality which got everyone up dancing.

The full band, cat, Sheela E etc made it a truly memorable tour and one I think many have constantly tried to better. But haven’t.

I saved the flight home to listen to his final ever show. Unreleased but leaked since he passed this was a rare treat.

The recording isn’t great and the aircraft engine noise don’t help but the emotion was there.

No band. No gimmicks. No basketball set. Just Prince. A piano. And his mic.

Now there’s a much wider selection of songs to chose from but of course Prince starts with an unknown song.

The greats are there and there are some whoppers. Prince plays at his free-ist. Picking songs from all over his career. B sides. Album tracks. Songs he wrote for others. All take centre stage.

To think it’s just him and the piano. No bum notes hit. No bad notes sung.

He’s light. He apologises for cancelling the week before and he’s in good spirits.

Little ad libs with elements such as the theme tune from Charlie Brown which make me laugh out loud on the plane and in the same instance I am trying not to cry.

It seems Prince picked his songs wisely. All fun. Frivolity and love. Yet songs that talk about loss, death and moving on.

The rendition of Sometimes… Is particularly moving. I am so pleased that this lesser known (to non fans) song has had a resurgence in popularity and notoriety since Prince passed. Sometimes life ain’t always…

It’s like he knew, it’s like he wanted to tell the Atlanta crowd some hidden secret but they were all having too much of a good time to notice. I would be the same.

Reading the lengthy account of what happened in the weeks running up to his death is painful. Hearing rigour mortise had already kicked in when they found him in the lift is harrowing. A man who brought so much to so many died alone in a lift, probably scared and probably emotionally alone.

It really does feel like a death in the family. For those who don’t understand that, I’m sorry. It’s just the way it is. Prince has always been there and will continue to be. It’s just a shame there will be no rebirth of the flesh.

I want to write much much more but I can’t. I’m still shocked. Upset. Grieving. Maybe one day I will.

I miss you, you purple bastard.


  1. And I’m not sure if you’ve heard this part, but “Sometimes It Snows In April” was written in 1985. On April 21.

    I’ve written blurbs here and there, but I still feel like I’ve not been able to fully express how I feel. Someday, I might.


    1. I didn’t know that. That’s sad.

      This is why I wrote something. It helps and although I may not be able to write all of what I want to say, I have something out there. Of my chest. And it helps.


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