Joy in repetition?

Well, they say there is joy in repetition but I know I am growing tried of my run at home as I am literally going around in circles.

I enjoy the runs I completed in Spain but I did not do as many as I normally do due to time and to having some niggles in my hip.

It’s been lovely here today so I would be mad not to take advantage of the weather so I set off for a run whilst Richard was out pressure washing the drive (the glamorous life eh!).

I started a reverse of the normal circuit around the block but before I hit 1K I was in trouble.  My legs were sore.  My calves were tight.

I walked a short distance than carried on again until I got to about 2.5 K where again I had pain across the soles of my feet and my calves.

Really not sure I wanted to carry on (I was mentally hating running at this point), I decided to carry onto 3 which again felt sort but after 3k things seems to find a sort of rhythm.

There was still some pain and the awful repeat taste of the sausage rolls I had for lunch coming back, however I continued to plod on.

I got to 4.4 which is the same as I was running in Spain last week and walked bit before coming back to do lots of stretching.

I do not know why things were so tight or sore.  I have been enjoying my new shoes.  I have been eating right but I think the main thing is my mental game was sour again.

This may look like I am happy but inside my legs are burning and I am really hacked off.

Not a happy camper

I’ve been reading Keep on Running.  The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict by Phil Hewitt whilst I have been way and it has inspired me (and had me for a micro second thinking of running a marathon!).

It had some good points about the mental state of the runner having an impact on the runs and this is so true.  I need to read Zen and the Art of Running by Larry Shapiro again as that really did help my positive attitude towards running.  That said I have never been out of sorts with running before, I just feel mentally at present that the will isn’t there.  I guess I need to find my running mojo and getting the miles.

There’s been a few mental blocks in my run and I know that 3K is a mental marker which is stupid – this is another reason why I need to run different routes now to break me from the routine and the point where I know or think I should stop.

Hey as they say, a run is a run so its good from that perspective.  It was good to get three runs in this week to and in two different countries!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 17.25.30

At least it is spring now (even though we seemed to miss the UKs mini winter last week as we were in Spain 😃).  Its good to see the plants I put in last year have made it through the cold spell and are starting to show off their blooms 😃

This is a double tulip I planted last year


Nighthawk you won the challenge with your sterling effort in April – when we happen to be in the same country I promise I will buy you that well earned beer!

Check out the stats on Strava.

4 thoughts on “Joy in repetition?

  1. So you got it all in the bag… if you want to run long distance why not start with a Half-Marathon? It’s a feasable distance… Is there a HM in London like there is in Dublin? If so I would even consider coming over for that, as I have an overdue visit to my friend planned… Well now there is a fun idea 😊😊😊

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    1. There is in London and I’ve run it previously. Actually I’m sure there are many but the best is the Royal Parks but it’s always over subscribed. I was lucky enough to run it once in the past.

      I really will have to up my game to get back into the half marathon way of thinking!


  2. These slumps can be tough, but sounds like you know what you need to do. Keep at it, try a different route and I’m sure you’ll find your mojo again. 🙂

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