Soft and Wet

Well, my feet felt soft but this evenings run was wet as it started to rain just as I locked the front door behind me.

This was welcome though as it was a very humid day and I believe a storm is on it’s way.

I am not sure how I go the energy to do any running today as I feel asleep on the train tonight – not that alarming in it self.  But if the guy next to me hand;t had gotten up at Colchester and woken me up in the process, I could have ended up in Norwich!

I didn’t get the opportunity to run the final third run at the weekend as I was simply too busy with other things but it’s not the end of the world.

I therefore summoned the energy and headed out this evening.

I had to really as I went out with a couple friends for lunch today and I managed to devour a Burger & Lobster Burger.   That’s about 1,400 calories right there.  (Mind you one friend had Burger and Lobster!).

As I said it was humid and I found the first 1K hard on my calves but I seemed to find a rhythm soon enough.

I am still not sure if my shoes are right or whether I need sports massage as I still seem to have this niggling problems.  They don’t last forever or for the whole duration of the run but they do hurt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 19.17.20.png
Todays’ route

At least that’s one run in the bag this week.  I start my new job Thursday so I will see how much energy I have left during the week before I plan any more sessions.  Any session is worth the effort though so let’s see.

Stats are on Strava.


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