Willing and Able

Maybe my choice of headgear hampered my run? 

This run had lots of things I dislike:

  1.  Very windy route – winds of up to 29 mph today!
  2. Congestion thanks to the wind and cold air
  3. Having to expel at least one snot rocket 😔

I didn’t really plan the run but decided I would run a loop and see how I felt.  I had a short walk after 2K but decided to carry on.

I got past 4K before I decided to stop but am happy with the 30 minutes activity today.  Especially considering how windy it was.

I have been home today and put the wash out – we nearly lost the bed clothes from the line as it is that windy!  Even Tilly was giving me funny looks when I was out in the garden earlier!

I did try to listen to instructions on Gipis but the moment I set off with my headphones in the annoyed me.  I ended up ripping them out of my ears and sticking them inside my running top!

I am aware this wasn’t a full 5K yet but I am sure with this positive attitude I will get there before the Runkeeper Global 5K at the end of the month.  Remember to sign up!

The stats are on Strava.


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