The end of a journey. 

I’m at the end of an odyssey which started the day Prince died and it’s taken nearly a month to complete. 

I set myself the task of listening to every album in order of release.  All 39 of them. 

I’m on Hit n Run Phase II and will end the journey today. 

It’s very sad to think there will be no more albums Prince wrote afresh or intended to  release according to some order. 

It’s been an emotional journey.  So much of this music was part of me growing up and it was a joy to hear tracks or albums I hadn’t heard for a while.  Even albums such as NPG Music Club got a new ear and there are gems there when you look back at the majesty of Princes talent. 

There are a few tracks I struggled to get through but to be honest there wasn’t really anything I didn’t enjoy and let’s face it he’s allowed one or two clangers in 39 albums!

I’m now in amongst songs about the shootings and police brutality in America, transcendence, loving life and one another. 

In a way this has been Princes message all along. 

I’m not sure where to go next. Start again. The b sides. The boots?  All I know is there is enough of Prince in the world to make it a better place forever. It’s just a shame he’s not here to enjoy it with us. 

Rest in peace Mr Nelson


  1. I listen to random stuff, but I’ve not made a journey through it all. Oddly, I did get the remaster vinyl of For You yesterday in the post. I had made a playlist in 2014 called PlectrumAge, with the best of PE, AOA, and a couple of internet releases. I edited a couple of tracks for album flow, too. It’s what I’ve listened to most. I walked into a wrecka stow the other day, and burst out crying when I saw the Remember Prince display with a bunch of his CDs & DVDs. Me, in the middle of a record store, bawling like a baby. At some point, I’ll listen to stuff in full again, but not yet. The hardest is the live stuff. I’ve stayed away from the Atlanta show. I’ve mostly enjoyed the stuff on YouTube like The Beautiful Experience, and a Belgium aftershow I only had on a boot called Hallowed B Thy Name. I never knew a video if it existed, until last week. THAT was heaven.

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    1. Stay away from the Atlanta show. He looks ill and the sound isn’t the best. It’s good to hear once but I’d not recommend it.


      1. I’d heard good things about Atlanta. I have listened to “Purple Rain” from it, and it sounded great. However, the video that’s coming out of it really made him look rough. Of course, who looks good in blue or green light? He was noticeably thinner. I guess we’re all still figuring out how to process all these feels.

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