Push It Up!

I will admit I was tired today and I had a scratchy/dry throat most of the day.   I believe this is due to the new job – not that it’s a problem.  More that I have a new routine, I am learning a lot, cramming in as much I can and trying to complete lots of introductory meetings which means I am probably talking (or asking questions) much more than normal.

I wasn’t feeling great on the train but it was not helped by having to b e cramped on a replacement train and I could not get to my bag (or rather was too polite to disturb people around me).   I know I didn’t eat as much a I usually do and this was probably causing the headache I had.

IMG_2819I really did not want to miss my run though and Richard ended up being later home so this gave me no excuse but to get my trainers on and get running.

Not sure what to expect I decided to stick to the Gipis plan and run 35 minutes.  I was not sure I would last that long but I got out there and got on with it.

At the start I decided to run at a reasonable to slow pace (the program said 10 mins a km but that’s waaaaay to slow).  I ended up averaging around 8 minutes but as most runners will know, running slow can be harder work than running fast!

The switch to timing vs distance also meant I wasn’t clear how far on my normal route I was.  I did have an impression of the distance though as I have run this route so much, I decided to switch the route around so that all I had to guide me was my effort, physical ability and the time.

Well it paid off!   I got about 75% of the way around when I started to flag.  I was feeling tired, I was sweating a lot and for a fraction of a second thought about giving up.  Knowing I had the time to run and that there was only 25% of the time to go I carried on.

I did have to remind myself that this 25% meant a certain distance but then I realised that if I slowed down (as I was tired), I would complete the time without burning out trying to crack a particular distance.  It’s a new way of thinking but as I am not training to win any races, it seems to be working.

I was very happy to complete the 35 minutes block again without stopping or walking.  I was even more thrilled to see I had completed 4.2 KM!  Not mu furthest or fastest run but it certainly gets me in a good place for the Runkeeper Global 10 which is the weekend after next.

I am very pleased with tonights run.  Yes, I am tired.  Yes, my throat is still dry but I feel so much better for putting in the time and the effort and running tonight 😃

All the usual details are on Strava.

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