Why you wanna treat me so bad?

I have no idea what happened today.  I don’t know if I was tired.  I don’t know if I hadn’t warmed up or moved enough.  I am not sure if I tied my shoes too tight or too loose…  Al i do know is that this run hurt!

I set off with the same expectation as I did on Wednesday but decided I would run the hill route and once again take it easy.

Which are the culprits?  My feet, legs or shoes?

This plan seemed to fall apart quite quickly as I had pain across the balls and the arches of both feet.

I soon abandoned the plan to do hills and ran a longer loop.  I was going to keep it flat into the country park but the route was blocked so I headed back towards the house.

At some point the pain seemed to fluctuate between each foot, one becoming numb after the other.

I stopped for a while and did some ankle rotations etc and I did seem to get into a tried and things started to look up.

Right until the end when the pain in my calves came back and my feet felt really numb – especially the left foot.

For all this drama I still managed to run the prescribed 35 minutes and I ran it at a “slow steady pace”.  As I stopped to do the ankle rotations I decided to run on a little further so completed 35 minutes of running albeit with a bit of a break.

At least I am still on target for next weekend.

Really not sure what is going on.  Was it one of those runs?  Is it the fault of my Hokas?  Is there something wrong with my feet/ankles/legs?

Who knows!

I shall monitor the situation.  For now you can have a look at the stats on Strava.


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