Sexy MF or Bloody PF?

IMG_2903As you may have read, Fridays run did not go according to plan.

I decided to do some investigating whilst in the car on the way to Canterbury yesterday and convinced myself I have Plantar Fasciitis…  Most of the symptoms are the same and I am sure it has something to do with the pain I have had during my run.

I checked out some treatment, stretches and accessories to help but stop by the local running shop (The Running Outlet) in Canterbury.  The chap in the store was really helpful and put my mind at rest.  His advice was to see how I get on, ease off and if it continues, then consult a sports physiotherapist.

I did some stretches when I got home last night and also did some before I got up (as it is best to do it before you start walking around).

I was not expecting miracles but decided I would for my planned 40 minute run and see how I got on.

As an extra bit of support I put my padded socks back on to give my feet some extra cushioning.  I am not sure this was the right thing to do as the bridge of my foot was sore at the end of the run.

I set out and things were ok but there was some pain and awkwardness in my feet.  Mainly in the balls of my feet near the front of the arches and in my lower calves.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 13.00.23.png

As you can see there are a couple slow red zones where I was sensible and either stretched or walked for a little bit.  I compensated for this by running slight over the planned 40 minutes.

Now I am stretched and out of my trainers my feet feel a little tight but nothing out of the ordinary.

In fact some of the way around I seemed to find my rhythm and the pain dissipated!

Above all of this the great news is that I broke 5K for the first time in ages.  It’s by no means my quickest 5K but at least I have got there and I am sure I will be able to run a complete 5K for the Runkeeper Global 5K next weekend 😃

I have a couple very short runs scheduled in this week.  I will see how my feet cope and then decide on my next course of action as I cannot carry on with this pain as I run – but who knows, it might fix itself!

Check out all the details on Strava.

Here are some of the photos I took in Canterbury yesterday…

Canterbury Cathedral


Is this a biblical scene or a still from a Disney movie?  I find the characters to be very Disney esque.

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