Excuse me deer, where are you running?

Todays plan was a short 15 minute run ahead of the RunKeeper Global 5K this weekend.

Although last weekends run was really painful, I didn’t really notice a great deal when not running, except for some minor arch pain on Monday morning.

I have been stretching this week and following the advice online for PF.

IMG_2952I’d planned another 15 minute run on Wednesday but work took over.  I am having some trouble scheduling in my time at present, mainly as I am trying to attend all the meetings to get p to speed – this is something I will stop doing very soon!

Anyway I worked at home today so did the set 15 minutes when I finished.

Apart from realising that my run top was on inside out as started to run (I didn’t correct it – why would I?  It would ruin my time!  LOL), things started ok.

I had some tightness in my calves and in the ball of my feet but I seemed to find some energy and run a little harder which seemed easier on my feet.

I only ran a total of 2.2K but it felt a little better.  Possibly running slowly may be a contribution factor.

I feel ok now though and the run was pretty much ok.

I still plan to run the race at the weekend and am aware that I can take my time so will see how it goes.

As for my foot etc, I have booked a physio appointment on Thursday to take a look and see if we can sort it out.  I still think it’s my shoes…

The stats for this short run are on Strava.

There are some highlights to working at home (apart from not having to commute into London).  I got to spend some time in the garden before I started work as the sun came up and snapped some lovely photos of the flowers blooming happily in the sun.

I was also very lucky to spot a deer come from the meadow opposite the house.  This is a very rare site and only happens when it is really quiet.  Luckily I was quick enough to snap it before it disappeared 😃

Always enjoy the Iris' opening #iris #flowers #England #garden

Aquilegia Vulgaris in bloom #Spring #aquilegiavulgaris #aquilegia #flowers #england

The garden has sprung into life

The garden has sprung into life

The garden has sprung into life


  1. There’s something very special about seeing a deer – beautiful creatures!
    I hope your foot is ok and that you get to run this weekend. 🙂

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