Gett Off!


Just past the deer and just finished the 5K 😃

Ok so the day came, Runkeeper Global 5K and I admit I was apprehensive.

Not only had I had the problems with my arches/calves, I also decided to start the day by mowing the lawn and tidying the garden.  I wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to do the run but decided to head out anyway.

I had no pre planned route and no course of action except to run the 40 minutes steady session that was in the plan.

Prior to running I loosened the second to last row of my laces and tied my shoes not so tight.

I got out and soon found a rhythm.  It was a little tough at first but there was no obvious pain.

Today I had the Runkeeper app also running on my phone and it announced progress every 5 minutes.  This and the time countdown on my Tom Tom watch seemed to incentivise me today.

My virtual medal 😃

I got going and before I knew it I was out onto the main route and decided in to keep my interest I would run down to the main road and back.  I then decided I was doing so well I didn’t want to loop back so did the trail run through the fields and meadows near the house.

This paid off except for the part where there is a lot of tall grass in the farmers field on the incline so I was sensible and speed walked that section.

I then ran across the farm and back to the meadow where I encountered a baby deer (probably the child of the deer that paid me a visit on Friday).  It was as startled to see me as I was to see it and it sped off into the trees.

At this point I broke the 5K mark and was very happy.

There was little to no pain, my calves felt fine and the burst of speed (instead of running slowly) seemed to pay off.

I was so pleased to hit the distance and took some time off my previous 5K.  Still not my fastest 5K but I completed it and feel so much better for running it.

Now I have to decide whether to cancel the physio appointment I had booked for my feet…

Check out the details on Strava and of course, RunKeeper!

Did you take part on the Runkeeper Global 5K?  Why not leave me a comment and let me know how you got on?

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.18.45.png

Loving the heat map of todays run as (apart from the field bit I mentioned), I kept  consistent pace throughout 😃

Thanks for your comment!

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