Is it winter again?

IMG_3154.pngWell that run was… cold!

It was really really cold.  It’s been windy and cold all week and it really my motivation.  I did put on a long sleeve top but I almost went back to get a jacket!

I enjoyed todays run though.  Set the timer for 30 minutes.  Had a minor walk section at about 24 minutes and then pushed past the target to complete just over 4K.

Pain was minimal and I felt motivated to continue (regardless of what I said about the weather).

As ever the run is a great way to unwind, switch off and seal the end of my week.

Have a look at the stats on Strava.

I have some new motivation for my runs through the summer (as I cannot run any of the races I wanted to as we have other plans).

My new team is really keen on wellbeing and sets one another challenges.  This month we have all been given a European Cup team.  The total distance run by the top player in your team for that week is your run target for the following week.  Thankfully I have the Ukraine!  Bring on the games!  (Never thought I’d ever say that).

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