Time to breathe 

It’s a lovely weekend and I have decided not to run today.

The weather has turned again and it has been glorious over the weekend.

Richard and I walked into Colchester yesterday, taking in the sights in the park, heading into town and then back to the the park for an impromptu picnic before heading home.

I had a slight twinge in my back when I got back which was still present this morning.  Once we had completed the house work etc it was still there so I decided not to push it and opted to skip today’s run.

I have Physio on Tuesday so hopefully there will be an indication of what is going on when I attend then.

In place of the run I brought my yoga may into the garden and had a decent stretching session in the sun.  It has helped my back a little and even though it’s not as strenuous as my run, it was worth doing.

I am still using the Daily Yoga app which I enjoy but am annoyed by the ads that pop up whenever I get notifications on my phone.  I ignore them but it stops the app working and sometimes you can be in a position for some time before you realise the app has stopped.

I wonder is any of you have any experience of yoga apps on your iPhone/iPad that don’t cost a fortune?

We’ve had as lovely relaxing weekend which is just as well as another buddy work week looms over the horizon.  Things at home will be busy too as Richards sister and friend are visiting from Thursday.

As you can see from the pics, the flowers are out in bloom and even the bees are chilling in the sun 😃 

I hope you have all made the most of your weekends?

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