The Diagnosis

I had my first assessment with the Physio today and it was fairly thorough.  

After a long chat and a round of exercises it became apparent that my pain is not.l connected to my back. 

It’s also not Plantar Fasciitis although if I had left it for longer it could have been. 

Apparently I have high arches but pronante so they don’t appear as high as they are.  

My calves are the issue. They are really tight and I have a stiff right foot. 

This measures up with the discomfort from running and is the reason why I have been having the problems most of this year. 

The Physio assessed my shoes and although the Hokas have a lot of sole padding, there is little actual rise in the shoe.  My Nike Lunarglides were apparently a better fit.  

This is the measure of how much higher my heel is above my toes. The Hokas it’s 5mm and the Nikes 11mm!

I am really pleased I went for the appointment as I know that it can be recitified and isn’t what I was dreading it would be (PF). 

I have a set of risers for the heels of my Hokas and have been given some exercises to loosen my calves. 

The Physio also told me to continue with the foam roller on my calves. 

I go back for another appointment Thursday. 

This proves that getting the right shoe and understanding your running style is crucial to ensuring the body mechanics are correct. 

I’m not sure if I’ll have chance to run with the risers this week but I will ensure I do the exercises and see how I get along. 


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