Ohh I am moist!

IMG_3366It’s been sunny and it’s been stormy and I knew I wasn’t going to miss the rain today and I certainly did not.  Half way through my run it started to spit and soon the heavens opened.

I passed a chunky guy running along in sunglasses, a vest and large headphones.  When we passed one another on our loop of the estate he’d ditched the sunglasses and headphones and made a comment about getting the weather wrong.  At least we both had a sense of humour and continued our runs.

I ran for 26 minutes today with no break.  No walking either.  It was very humid and my breathing was a little laboured but I was determined to finish a good full run session.

To mix things up I added in some loops and snaked around roads and avenues which meant I wasn’t always sure how far I had run.  It was good fun and to be honest and it kept me on my toes.

I wasn’t bothered buy the rain, to be honest I do not mind running in the rain.

It was nice to be alone in the park as I could take in all of the plants that are  full bloom with all of the plants benefiting from the downpours.

I have also continued to do my physio exercises and things are starting to feel better.  There was a little bit of stiffness in the calves but it soon passed and it didn’t bother me for the remainder of the run.   In fact I think this is the first run in ages where my feet or legs have not been an issue and I have been able to focus on my effort, pace and how I was feeling 😃

I enjoyed this run and am feeling more confident about my running 😃

Check out the stats on Strava.

Note the very wet head!

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