Seven days in Sunny June!

Well not sunny…  I really wanted to get out for a run today after working at home (and it was sunny this morning).  But sadly now it is lashing down – water is pouring down the road.  I could go out but I do not want to slip and cause myself any mischief.

I went back to the physio earlier in the week and thought I was doing ok.  The exercises were getting results and I was feeling more confident.

I was happy until I laid on the couch and she announced that not only my calves were tight but now my hamstrings were also!

She had previously mentioned that the level of tightness in my legs meant that she would not be able to release things effectively purely with deep tissue massage so recommended we moved to acupuncture.

I have had it before but for some reason this time I was a bit worried.

I am sure some people would be terrified to have acupuncture…

I needn’t have been, but that does not mean I enjoyed the treatment.

Starting at my ankles she placed needles in various trigger points running up each leg until she got to the lower part of my hamstrings.

Things were going ok until she put the needle in the middle of the back of my knee.  I don’t know how I didn’t kick her when I jumped but it certainly hit the spot.

I forgot that part way though they rotate the needles to continue the stimulation and thought the needles were out.  They were not and the ache was noticeable.

The Physio thought I may have bruising on might calf but I didn’t notice anything follow the treatment.

I was a bit stiff the following day and struggled as I had a week of lugging around a very heavy rucksack containing all my work stuff and more (carrying the added kit for the physio doesn’t help!).

Following this session she increased my exercises for my calves and I am now doing the step raises with the same rucksack on my back to give added weight.

I also have to complete some hamstring stretches which I am doing diligently.

Due to the physio exercises I have stopped doing the yoga (although  the hamstring stretches are yoga stretches), simply because I do not have time to of it all!


I am doing the downward dog leg raises and foam roller in the morning.  The step exercises and hamstrings in the evening!  It’s quite exhausting trying to get my legs back up to par!


I hope this all helps and I hope that it doesn’t take weeks and weeks of treatment.

I return to the Physio for another session on Monday – hopefully I would have completed at least one run by then.  I also hope I will stop mulling over her comment of “next time I will use bigger needles to make sure we reach more of the muscle”.

What does that mean?  I the needle will be thicker or longer!?

Wish me luck.


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