Not a happy bunny

Ok this was my only run of the week and maybe I put too much hope in the acupuncture and yes I should be happy I got out and did a run but… that hurt!

I set out to do a steady 25 minutes but I didn’t get to half way before I had a walk break.

I was tired and although my calves were tight there was new pain in the outside of my right knee.

As well as the physio treatment I have been stretching as suggested and have been concentrating on my calves and my hamstrings.  I am not sure if I have over done it or whether this is part of the treatment but that run was uncomfortable.

I did complete the exercises after the run and the hamstring stretches were particularly hard as my legs were twitching as I was stretching 😔  My very good friend Paul (Captain fit), has given me an alternative suggestion for the hamstrings which I may try this afternoon.

I have physio tomorrow so will see what she advises.  I do want to try and have a couple short runs this week but I am in training for two long days which kind of takes away quite some time from my week 😔

Still I got out there and whatever the outcome I have been for a run.

Stats on Strava as usual.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 13.49.50.png
Too many slow red sections todays run 😔


  1. Oh no. That doesn’t sound good. I hope the physio can help tomorrow and definitely tell them about the pain on the outside of the knee – could be IT band so worth checking out. Well done for getting out there though, and I’m sure the next one will be better. xx

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