I’m In! Will this be my last run in the UK as part of the EU?

I am.  And I am glad I am in as it’s pissing it down!

I am also in – in the European Union.  I voted to remain in the EU today – let’s see if others voted as I did.  Who knows this may be must last UK run as a member of the EU (I hope not).

As you can see it was so humid I could barely see through my steamed up glasses

Enough about that, the run was tough but good and I did enjoy it.

More physio this week meant more exercises and a different situation to sort.  The physio reckons the pain in my knee during my last run may have something to do with the neurological set up in my legs so has given me specific hamstring and hip stretches to help.

I have been doing the exercises all week (which has been hard as I have been home late every night) and I think they are working as I felt better today.

I had some pain my calves but carried on through them.  I decided to try and concentrate on a steady running pace and ignore my watch.  I did this and ran as far as I could before having to slow to a walk.  This was further than I managed on my last run which is good.

I then continued to run the remainder of the allowed time and added on the section I walked which felt fine.  I completed just over 3km, given how incredibly hot and wet it was today I am happy with that.

I didn’t think I’d have time to run today but we had torrential rain and thunder storms all night.  As we were leaving this morning to vote and head to work, the trains got cancelled due to flooding down the line.  I worked from home which gave me chance to run when I finished my day.

Luckily I found the right moment to run as another storm system has closed in on us and we are being deluged in rain and thunder once again.

Anyway I cannot grumble as I got out there, enjoyed the run, faced the challenge and can say I’ve done my bit today.  Check out the run details on Strava.

I have a few more days to do the exercises before I go back to the physio so hopefully I will be able to squeeze in another run too.

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