Leave?  Are you kidding me?

I cannot believe what I am waking up to. What is wrong with this country? This country needs to bloody wake up. Leave voters bow your heads.

If you voted leave, please feel free to remove yourself as a friend and a follower as I have no time for you or your narrow minded xenophobic views of politics and the world. I have no time for people like you in my life.  

Other European countries have said they want a referendum. The pound had taken a noise dive. Friends and contacts are receiving racist comments. My account has had hate messages. 

To a world sick with racism, get well soon. 

Regardless of what the vote was this was bound to happen. Win or lose there would have been hatred and negative comments. Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and all the others have stirred up hatred and racism. This is sickening. 

David Cameron should have never have set the referendum. He has his part to play in destroying this country. 

Have the leave voters forgotten everything our ancestors fought for in WWII?  My grandparents put their lives at risk to ensure unity in the world and it’s been destroyed today. Idiots. 

The decision puts my job and millions of others at risk. It’s painted the UK in a very negative light and it’s so damaging. 

I am shocked. Saddened. Angry. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I simply hope the British make the best of this decision rather than pulling the country, Europe and the world apart. 

If you don’t agree don’t leave a comment as I am simply not interested. 

It’s a sad world. 


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