Tap Tap Tap Tap

IMG_3542.pngToday’s run was short but it was fun, it was energetic and it was exhilarating.

Whilst at the Physiotherapist on Monday I had a session on the treadmill where she monitored my running form etc.

I have good balance and my hips and pelvis are aligned as they should be, my knees are also wide enough apart.

I do however heel strike (which I think I knew) and occasionally I roll my left foot.

Apparently this isn’t too bad though and can be corrected or monitored so that it does not cause me any further problems.

The tests I have completed this week have proven that there is improvement following the treatment and all the exercises/stretches I have completed since I first started attending 4 weeks ago.

I now have a two-week break from the Physio as she has given me some further things to try whilst I am running.

TOnight I completed a section of warm ups (which I don’t normally do) which included 30 high knee raises, 30 high flicks and grapevine in both directions (I did these 5 times each direction).  It certainly felt like a warm up and I was raring to go once I got out the door.

The other thing she noticed was that my cadence is lower than it should and suggested I add 5 steps per minute each week to get me where I should be.

I needed a metronome to enable me to do this (although I will start to use my Moov again as this can also help).  I downloaded the MetroTimer app on my phone and set it to my target cadence.  I then started it off and had it playing through my iPhone speakers whilst it was attached to my arm.

I decided tonight that I would see how I get on with the new cadence and to run until I started to slip off the target.

I did pretty well considering and included a few small loops around the park so that I could find my rhythm.  The run felt faster and I certainly put in more effort but it was worth it as I feel great for having completed this run.

I have a slight twinge above my left knee but I do not believe this is due to the running.  We had a team event yesterday and I ended up playing table tennis – this twinge came on last night (but it’s not painful it’s just a slight twitch which I am sure will calm down).

This was a good run and I shall ensure I run again before the weekend as I doubt there will be time as we will be in Paris to celebrate Richards birthday 🙂

Check out the stats on Strava.

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