False start, new hope

Determined to get a run in I ensured after arriving home I’d feed Tilly, change then head out.

I was not 100% with it though as I thought my Tom Tom had yet to find a signal (but I should know unlike my Garmin, it has no such problems).

I saw the screen and moved it to lock on to a signal only to realise I had already started tracking my running!

IMG_3685.pngThis makes this time all the sweeter…

Today’s aim was to keep around 160 steps per minute in the cadence training from the Physio.

The first interval I just missed the target.  My Moov coach did its best to console me but it annoyed me I just missed the target.

So I swung my arms harder as suggested and on the second and third intervals I hit 160 spot on.

By the time I had finished my 6th interval I was running 175 steps per minute!

IMG_3686.pngI really could feel the increased effort and speed and more importantly I felt little to no pain or discomfort during the run.

It was good to see that in a shorter time frame I ran further – especially as I probably didn’t run the first 50 seconds as I was locking the house up!

Ok it’s not a long run but it felt good and the cadence training seems to be paying off.  I plan for another run this week to keep it up (not sure I will manage more than that due to travel and work commitments).

I enjoyed this run though, the added speed, effort and energy exerted made it exciting.  It certainly work me up following a long day at the office!

Take a look at the stats on Strava.





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