The run with two times

It’s been a tough week this week and it’s been hot.

My total commute yesterday was over 6 hours and needless to say I have been tired but I have also been determined to get at least one more cadence session in this week.

I am not going to get the chance to run this weekend as we are visiting our folks so I need to get in what I can when I can.

Anyway I had a good run tonight.  As with Monday I used my Moov coach to guide me on my run and was running with the aim of 160 steps per minute.

Again I missed the first interval (only by a step) but then I found my rhythm and got on top of it.  I also managed to reign in the steps and the most I ran per minute was 164 which again is better than Monday.

I was damn hot when I got home though and was seating like a pig 😔

As with Monday thought I was not 100% with it.  I ran the course.  Completed 6 intervals then stopped my Moov coach and my music.  I had however forgotten to stop my Tom Tom so that keep measuring me until I got back to the garden!


The time and distance at the bottom is the one that is more accurate and again I am quicker than my previous run.

My knees are a little sore but not painful and the rest of me feels fine so I believe the physiotherapy is really work ing 😃

You could check out the stats on Strava but you may need to read them with a pinch of salt!

Thanks for your comment!

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