A hot mess and saying goodbye to all those running apps/communities…

I have not run since last week for three reasons:

  1. Lack of time
  2. I have a blister on the inside of my left heel
  3. It’s been too hot!

As I worked from home today I decided I would spare some time to squeeze in a run and see how it went.  The plan was to get out there, take it easy and stop when I felt I had to.  This was eps

I did get out there and yes it was very hot and humid.  I chilled my water bottle before going out and it felt warm by the time I finished (and I wasn’t out that long!).

I decided not to take the Moov coach or the metronome and simply run.  I did and I ended up doing several interval segments which I believe I ran fast and well.

I did have some soreness in my calves but as I have not run in a week that is to be expected.

This did disappear after a while and I managed some good sections although it was very sweaty and hot.

Good news is that I nearly completed 3K in the heat without really thinking about it but best of all… I was bang on the cadence I was at the week before last (before the Physio tried to kill me!).

This is great as it is naturally an upgrade from where I was with no need for any help from the tools/apps etc.

OK I did not run continuously but I did gather ground and I think I really well, considering everything.

What a lovely sweaty mess!

Whilst out running I was thinking about all the sites I record my runs on such as Strava, Nike, RunKeeper and The Running Bug.  They have all proved beneficial over time and they have all given me benefits but to be honest I am bored of updating these sites.

I have long stopped actually looking at RunKeeper so this may be the first app to bite the dust.

The Running Bug has been very good to me and it is a great community.  I also got to review products for them which was a brilliant experience.  But if I am absolutely honest I am tired of the social aspect of it.

There are great people on there but some seem to write the same thing every time and I confess I do not monitor others activities as I find the web site cumbersome.  Sadly after a long relationship with The Running Bug, I feel I am about to part ways with it.

The Nike Running site received an update recently and it’s terrible.    Updating a run is cumbersome, you can only log and track wear of Nike shoes, the photo upload section fails constantly.  They removed the nice route animation and it’s buggy as hell.

I therefore, will allow my Tom Tom to auto update RunKeeper and Nike but I won’t be using them actively anymore.

Strava is the only site that is consistent, has a nice app, a social community and a good user interface which is what I want.  I am not up to the standard of the challenges at present but it’s an interesting feature.  I have had conversations about runs with complete strangers globally and locally and that simply didn’t happen on The Running Bug.

So we seem to have a winner of run logging sites and although I may return this is the way I think I will do it from now on as I simply don;t want to waste time updating comments and details on all these sites.

Of course today’s stats can be found on Strava.

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