Things will workout

The view of the 9 hole golf course at my new club

As you will have read it’s been some time that I have had the problems with my calves, hamstrings etc and the physio has had varying amount of success.

I think the routine running route has not helped either as I have mental triggers which I reach certains landmarks (even when moving my running from distance to time focussed).  I’d love to run in London but I either don’t have the time, it’s too hot or too crowed.

Quite a bit has happened over the last couple of weeks and  I have also been traveling with work.

This means I have not been able to get on top of my normal routine of running for one reason or another.

I have read ever since I started running that a full program of exercise benefits you both as a person and as a runner. (Obviously, I knew this before).  Until recently though my exercise program has been my running and some yoga but that’s been it.

Well, that has changed as I am now a member of the local Country Club as it gives me the opportunity to use the gym, the pool, the sauna and much more.

I had my induction on Friday and did a full session then.

I went back today and did the same again.

I am already feeling the benefit of all round exercise program and believe I am working harder than I have done recently with my running.

I am not interested in adding muscle or mass, just getting myself back to where I was and enabling me to be stronger to run for longer.

My program is therefore heavily weighted towards cardio but there is some weight training in their (using machines rather than free weights as I hate them).

My current routine includes:

  • Exercise bike
  • Treadmill (currently intervals)
  • Cross Trainer
  • Upper body rower
  • Lateral Machine Pulls
  • Chest Press
  • Exercise Bike
The crappy Apple Watch Activity stats

I feel great for completing this and I am putting as much effort (if not more) into this as I have done with my running.

Given how everything is, I think I will proceed with the gym for a while and pick up the running properly before winter kicks in (and when the weather is bad I can use the gym as an alternative to running).

I do get a constant assessment with the gym so will reassess my program in 2, 6 and 12 weeks.

One of the instructors did comment on my running style on Friday and was impressive with how light I am on my feet 🙂  This helped boost my confidence.

Nice visuals but doesn’t give much else and you have to pay after three sessions!

The Country Club feels like a really nice place, everyone is friendly and there is a good mix of people attending – especially as there are so many activities on offer.  There are some meat heads in the gym but they do not dominate the gym (as they would in Soho etc).

Mind you I could do without having to witness to 60+ guy who dried the spaces in his toes with the gym hairdryer today!

I am looking for some advice…

I have not found a great way to track my workouts yet.  The gym uses a system which I operate with an electronic key whilst completing my workout but I cannot extract that information.

I don’t want to log every activity in the gym just an overall view.  For now, am using the Activity app which is standard on my iPhone.  This gives an overview of the whole session but does not break it down that clearly (one of my gripes with the Apple Watch software).

I did find one that worked out the thresholds based on my heart rate zones but you have to pay after three workout imports into the app!

So for once the workouts are not on Strava!

Can anyone recommend a good app that would log a gym session and give some decent visuals/data of the session?  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Why not leave a comment?  Thanks 🙂


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