Gym’ll fix it

Another day and another trip to the gym (well last night).

I’ve done really well this week with three sessions at the gym since Saturday.

Last night was the first post work session and although it was tough when I started I just got on with it.  To quote my colleagues I smashed it!

I am enjoying the new routine even though the rowing is a bit monotonous.

I was determined to go for it yesterday as I had a pretty crap day and the workout didn’t disappoint.

My Apple Watch stated I burnt the most amount of calories yesterday so that’s something to feel good about.

I’m a bit sore this morning. But nothing I can handle.

Best of all is there is no residual pain in my knees, calves or hamstrings so I think this is paying off.

The clientele was a bit different last night. There were a lot of younger men lifting weights which I assume is because they go after work.

Funny how so many of them check themselves out in the mirror constantly through their workouts. Very vein.

Quite amusing to people watch whilst I am hammering away at my cardio 😃

However I am enjoying the weights too.

Am back home with the family next week so I will switch running for the gym and see how it goes 😃


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