Work (out) Bitch!

Today’s gym workout

Thanks to Britney the opening section of my work out today was harder than it should have been.  Work Bitch queued up on my playlist and I decided to match the speed of the traak whilst on the bike. Of course this was in the hardest section of my bike routine!


And then I remembered I also did some bike exercises at home on our new exercise bike in the garage!

I was starting to flag a little and knew I had the rest of my wotkout to go so eased off (and my heart rate was tracking a llittle high).

I didn’t manage to get to the gym but did manage a coupe sessions on the bike at home last week.

I wanted to get a routine in and wanted to get out of the house and managed this today.  Richard went for a swim whilst I was in the gym.

I managed all as planned except the rowing which annoyed me today.  I have had a niggly pain in my right shoulder but I put that down to driving.  Sa as to be careful I only completed 1KM on the rower today instead of the 2km.

I managed everything else though a really enjoyed myself.

At least I wasn’t the guy running backwards on the cross fit machine, clapping, shotuing and cheering myself on!

The gym was relatively quiet (one of the instructors was working out so there was some eye canady).  We all had to stop though when this guy kept shouting as it was very loud and quite comical.  Each to their own I guess!

At least it’s another workout complete and I feel happier and healthier for completing it.

I am going to check my schedule and do some reconfigurring as my running is falling off the list of things to do and I must make time for it.  Watch this space.


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